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About Us

We pursue excellence in the production, supply and distribution of agro products, training and services.

African Agric Alliance Innovations Limited (AAAIL) as an agro-allied industry focuses on the use of agricultural raw materials for the processing, production and packaging of all kinds of food and beverages, food, drinks, food processors, foodstuff and produce, seasonings, sweeteners, flavours, spices etc. Not excluding the exportation, supplies and distribution of the aforementioned products.

We provide support for farmers who are into full time organic and mechanised agriculture while ensuring that every aspect of the agricultural value chain runs smoothly from the fields to the consumers’ tables.

Helping to solve the problem of lack and shortage of agro-allied equipment which is obvious in the African agricultural system, we manufacture and deal on agro-allied and supplies, including but not limited to farm implements and machinery, fertilizers, agro and livestock feeds, for the preservation and processing of the farm.

Being ICT inclined, we provide information communication training services, sales of ICT products, IT project management, and data continuity planning.

Registered as a business entity in Nigeria, we also deal with general contracts and merchandise.

We believe as an agro-allied company that for the African continent to be self-sustained, then Africans must invest and focus on agriculture, tapping into virgin raw materials that abound in our agriculture system to feed our populace and grow our economy, this is why we are here.


To become the leading agro-allied company known and trusted by the African community as the most trusted producer and supplier of agro products, ICT services and training plus general contracts and merchandise.


We pursue excellence in the production, supply, and distribution of agro products, training, and services.

  • Protection of the interests of our consumers.
  • We make ethical professional decisions to the promotion of our consumer’s right.
  • We provide top-notch agro-related ICT services and training.
  • In addition to maximizing shareholder value, we adopt policies that promote the well-being of African society.