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African Agric Allied Innovation Limited (AAAIL) brings a solution to the ICT problems in Africa which include;

The high cost of establishment, Lack of skilled personnel, insecurity of database, outdated hardware and software systems, use of unlicensed software, and lack of technical support for systems maintenance.

In a bid to solve these ICT related problems, we establish ICT services at a relatively cost-effective price than what is obtainable in the Africa ICT service industry. We train organizational staff and individuals who see the need to acquire the skills in information communication technology, especially where it applies to the agricultural sector.

We provide up to date hardware and software systems, make use of licensed software programmes as well as offer full and accurate technical support for systems maintenance.

There is a high rate of data loss in Africa as a result of poor network and information communication training. Africa has political, economic and social-historical statistics that must be kept and secured through ICT, this is one of the reasons why African agro-allied innovation was established.

Our ICT services include but not limited to the following;


As a result of the accelerating complexity of ICT solutions,  it entails that Organizations in Africa must train their staff in the skills and knowledge to ensure that ICT runs smoothly and efficiently producing desired outcomes.

We provide a wide range of ICT training to help improve staff confidence and efficiency.

We have agro-related ICT experts who train your staff, conduct research, give advice and improve on your organisational technology systems, hardware, software and related concepts for a specific application like Geographic

information systems, or GiS


We make a professional choice of which messaging and collaboration services tools to adopt for your organisation according to your organisation’s peculiarity.

We help your organisation develop tools, help your project managers and teams perform their task in a simplified way and achieve better results


We offer a wide range of ICT products fully tested, have access control and intrusion detection.

We sell ICT products such as;

  • End-users devices like printers, tablets, PCs, laptops, mobile devices etc.
  • Networking devices like switches, controllers, access points etc.
  • Audiovisual equipment like Lcd stages, projectors, electronic whiteboards etc.


We have IT experts who help organisations to plan, coordinate,  allocate, budget and carry out the organisations specific IT aims.

We help organisations in IT projects like software and app development, hardware installation and maintenance etc.


African Agric Allied Innovation Limited (AAAIL) have cost-effective data recovery solutions that help your organization restore data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted, or inaccessible. We design efficient recovery techniques to achieve this.

We also study your organization, define potential risks that can affect your organization’s operations and then create a strong prevention and recovery system.

This is important because every organisation needs a proactive plan to avoid risks connected to the disruption of operations.

This helps to maintain the financial viability of an organisation.

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