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mechanised farming aail
mechanised farming aail

It is no news and has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that agricultural productivity in African countries is relatively low.

This is a result of a lack of technology and innovation in the agricultural methods of African countries.

Crude means of agriculture are mostly still being used in the African agricultural industry, this limits large scale production.

African Agric Allied Innovations Limited (AAAIL) accelerates agricultural productivity through technology and innovation and this produces a high-quality breed of value-added agro products and services.

Our company invests innovatively, organically, and mechanically into all but not limited to these following agricultural practices


We invest in Arable lands which are capable of being ploughed and used to grow arable crops which includes all but not limited to

  • GRAIN CROPS like wheat, maize, rice, barley, millet
  • PULSE CROPS like lentil, beans, peas.
  • OILSEED CROPS like rapeseed, soybean, sunflower

It is important to note that these crops are primary products and are our sources of  raw materials for processing, packaging and exportation


AAAIL understands the importance of livestock agriculture, furthermore, we innovatively and technologically invest in poultry by supporting farmers to produce high breed domesticated birds like chickens, turkeys, ducks.

We also also provide third-party investment in the breeding, farming and care of farm animals like cattle, goat, sheep and horses


As a company that is agro-based and are experts, understanding fish farming, feeds and feeding, we invest in fish farming and mass production.

We provide good locations for our fish farmers, as well as good, clean and regular source of water for fish farming.

We know the right species of fish to invest in, we also provide a constant source of getting healthy fingerling or juveniles and we have a well-planned marketing strategy for our fishes.

We are different from other agro-based industries because we have work directly with the farmers and provide them with scientifically-proven better farming methods and innovations for our arable, animal husbandry and fish farming.

We understand and utilise the principle methods of organic farming like crop rotation, biological pest control system and mechanical cultivation.

The technological and innovative methods we use in our farming practices make us produce high-quality seedlings and value-added products in quality and quantity.

Inclusively we have hi-tech storage facilities which help in the preservation and storage of seedlings and farm products till when they are needed either for commercialization or replanting.

We are a new giant company in the African agricultural industry.

We don’t just produce food to solve the problem of food shortage in Africa, we also supply quality and nutritional value-added products to increase the standard of living of the African people.

Agriculture is life and we have chosen to invest in life, not just life, but the life of the African man and Life of the African economy.