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African Agric Alliance Innovations Limited (AAAIL) in line with the export promotion strategy brings a solution to one of the most daring economic problems which the African continent faces which is the problem of ‘dependence on foreign-made goods and continuous balance of payment deficits’.

It is glaring and a known fact that African economy is dependent on foreign-made edibles majorly because there are not so many agro-based industries that are interested in producing in on a large scale food products that can match in standard and quality with foreign-made goods.

This has resulted in a low Gross domestic product(GDP) of so many sub-Saharan African countries.

What about African intra-trade?

How many industries are taking advantage of the ‘Free trade system’ to help in solving the problems of food shortage, the dependence on foreign-made goods, and unemployment?

African Agric Allied Innovation Limited has come to solve these problems by manufacturing and exporting to other African countries, as well as the rest of the world, standard food processed items including but not limited to beverages, food juice, yam powder, black soap, food processors, seasonings, spices, sweeteners, flavours and carbonate. We also export other raw agro products such as Ginger, Garlic, Hibiscus, Gum Arabic, Sesame etc

It is also a known fact that one of the reasons why African countries are dependent on foreign-made goods is because they are economically disadvantaged, and will cost more trying to produce almost all the food products they need so they become the dependent country always as seen in the theory of ‘Absolute cost advantage’.

AAAIL has come to bridge this wide gap

We manufacture and export agro products we have strategic and economic advantage n value-added forms. We choose these products and strategy based on the peculiarity of the individual country’s market.

How do we intend to solve this?

We solve this problem by comparatively manufacturing and exporting to these disadvantaged African countries.

Being a company based in Africa, we thereby create a solution to food shortage, dependence on foreign-made goods, and noticeably unemployment.

The African economy has been struggling to be relevant in world trade affairs, but still, its global trade significance has reduced over the decades, this is partly because the African economy has focused on import and if export, only a few primary commodities which are mostly not agro primary commodities. These few primary commodities like crude oil do not always have a steady price. It is obvious that for Africa to attain a global trade glory then value-added agro-products both in their primary and secondary levels must be traded internationally.

We research, identify, assess and sell

We relate with experts in the export industry, dependent organizations, and countries’ chambers of commerce. This is because we need to identify what the basic needs and wants are in the African markets we need to penetrate and thereby enable us to provide to them the product that is not only standard but precisely measures right to their peculiarity.

African Agric Alliance Innovations Limited (AAAIL) and we are committed to promoting the export of African commodities to meet rising global demand