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African Agric Allied Innovations Limited (AAAIL) is a company that perfectly appreciates the importance and need for economies of scale which can never be possible in agriculture using crude farming.

means manufactures and contracts in agro-allied equipment and supplies which ensures high-quality production of arable crops and mass production and commercialization of same.

This is why we manufacture, supply and distribute agro-allied equipment and supplies which ensure high-quality production of arable crops, mass production and commercialization.

These equipment include but not limited to the following;

Farm implements and machinery

We are dealers of major farm implements and machinery.It is a fact that if agro production must be accelerated, innovations like farm implements and machinery must be employed.This is the reason we deal in the farm implements and machinery which includes:

  • Irrigation machines
  • Soil cultivation implements
  • Planting machines
  • Harvesting implements etc.

We understand maintenance strategies for this implements and render after-sale service of orientation and guidance on the purchase, care and maintenance of the farm implements. This is because without proper orientation and guide on the use, care and maintenance of these farm implements, they may not work to their full capacity.


As an environmentally conscious agro-allied company, we know and understand the role of both organic and inorganic fertilizers in the production of crops.

Just as the importance of agriculture cannot be over-emphasized so can the implication of fertilizers in agriculture never be over-emphasized.

We deal in the processing, and supplies of high-quality fertilizers that are free-flowing,  consistent in particle size, have smooth and hard granules, easily spread and can easily dissolve when in contact with moist soil or water.

Our fertilizers are free from contaminants and additives.

We manufacture and supply and distribute all types of organic fertilizers including phosphate fertilizers, Nitrogen fertiliser, potassium fertilizers and general fertilizer forms.


Agro and livestock feed production

As experts in Animal husbandry system, we know the exact nutritional values which a quality livestock feed must-have. Just like humans, animals need a balanced nutritional feed for their rapid development.

We manufacture and supply high quality nutritional agro livestock feeds for livestock rapid and healthy development.

We manufacture agro and livestock feeds like concentrates which are high in energy value, including fat, cereal grains and their by-products, high protein oil meals or cakes etc.

It is worthy of note that the safety and growth of farm animals have a lot to do with their care, especially feeding and medication.

This is the reason why our company invests so much capital in producing scientifically nutritionally balanced and adequate quantities of rations feed which livestock require according to their body needs.

Never to forget that healthy livestock is as a result of a nutritional livestock feed and feeding which are one of the elements of livestock care.

If quality by-products of livestock in Africa must improve, then there must be the production of livestock feeds which are scientifically qualified for livestock development.